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Profitable Networking

How To Go From Conversation To Customer Without Being Sales-y

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Most people hate networking. Do you? Don't worry, lot's of people don't like to network because they feel uncomfortable and they often have poor results. But you still drag yourself to a networking event because you know you need to make connections and "get out there" to grow your business. Right?

Look, networking can be a huge waste of time and money if you don't know who to meet, what to say, and how to move from first contact to enrolling a new customer. With this step-by-step course, is simple and painless.

Do you see the same people over and over at networking events, but never seem to meet any potential customers? Do you sometimes feel like the odd ball out, not knowing how to break into a conversation. Or when you do manage to strike up a conversation, you don't know how to get out when you know there isn't a good fit?

Imagine how it would feel to know which events to attend to meet your ideal customers, who are actually looking for you, and know which events to skip? Imagine how it would feel to have a few proven phrases to easily strike up a conversation, create mutual interest, and have a good reason to follow-up with qualified potential clients? What if you knew how to go from first conversation to new client as quickly and painlessly as possible?

You'd be unstoppable.

Look, I know how it feels to be awkward and aimless at a networking event. I know how it feels to have no customers calling. Nobody ever taught me how to ask for a referral without making my friends and family uncomfortable. And I suffered for it. Slow sales, scraping by, feeling lonely and worried that my business would fail. In some ways my business was failing until I figured out a system for how to consistently meet new connections and attract word of mouth referrals.

In 2008 I moved to Ottawa, Canada and I didn't know a single person besides my girlfriend, now wife, Elaine. I didn't have a job, so I googled “Networking Event Ottawa" and went to the first one I could find in a place called “Kanata" (a suburb of Ottawa). I sat in the car in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes not wanting to go in because I didn't know what to do. I didn't know anyone there, I didn't know what to say, and I didn't realize it at the time, but my “reptile brain" was taking over imaging the worst case scenario…rejection.

That first networking event was an absolute train wreck. I didn't make any “connections" or “contacts" or “leads" or whatever you want to call it. I just left a sweaty loser and I decided “networking sucks" and never wanted to do it again. So I sat at home and emailed my resume to employers responding to job postings. I think you know where that got me. Absolutely nowhere.

When I eventually met a super successful entrepreneur I asked him how he became successful. I was sure he would tell me that he used some slick online marketing strategy to create thousands of leads per day, but to my surprise, he said “networking." Just meeting people, making friends, and solving their problems…for a fee. He taught me a few key mindsets that changed my approach. When I reluctantly went to another networking event, I tried out his strategies and the worked…like a charm! I thought, “Ok, I'll try this networking thing again." But this time, I wanted to prepare properly. So I bought every book on networking I could find and practiced phrases to open conversations, to ask for people's contact information, and to leave on a positive note.

Once I became skilled at networking, I didn't have to look for a job any more because people started asking me to do a bit of work here and there. They asked me, their friend, to solve their problem…for a fee. That was it. My network grew and I got enough work that I started turning jobs down.

Before long, people started asking me to coach them on networking. Sales managers hired me to train their staff because they knew that relationships are key to business success, but they didn't know the how-to's. They didn't have a system to grow their network, to deepen and leverage their relationships.

My clients have paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn these skills, which has allowed them to grow their business and their positive impact on the world by helping more people. Now, I'm going to share this system with you.

When you enrol in this course, you will learn how to nourish and grow your existing relationships meet new, qualified prospects and create loyal customers have confidence at networking events know exactly what to say and do using proven strategies and techniques be able to go from conversation to customer quickly and painlessly skip the small talk and make real, meaningful connections get people to want to know more about you and your company without ever being sales attend the right events where your potential customers are looking for you skip the events where unemployed people hang out have a simple system that follows up that is quick, easy, painless, and never annoys people explain what you do in a concise way that gets people to say “hey, I know the perfect person for you to meet."

Next, you'll learn the two dead-simple, unintuitive questions that will get people to refer you business time and again.

The result?

More customers—so you can actually do the work that you were meant to do and stop chasing business all the time

More income—so you can stop worrying about money so much and instead, spend more time loving your family (and your customers)

More security—when you have a constant stream of referrals and you start turning away business, you'll sleep better. That's a very good thing.

More stability—when you can predict your income you can actually take vacations and enjoy the time off, instead of constantly stressing about how you're going to get your next client. Now you have a simple system that you can follow to get new customers whenever you are ready for them.

More success—feel proud of the business you built because of the great work you are doing for your customers. Take a step back and be proud of what you have built.

More friends—when you get to choose your ideal customer, then you get to work with people you love, and likely will become friends with many of your customer. It's a natural side effect of doing work you love with people you love.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol in the course now. I'll see you on the inside!

Your friend in networking,

Majeed Mogharreban

Your Instructor

Majeed Mogharreban
Majeed Mogharreban

Majeed Mogharreban is a professional speaker, author and entrepreneur. After starting five businesses before he turned 21, Majeed now helps companies succeed faster with the entrepreneurial mindset. He is known for being an energizing keynote speaker that empowers audiences to take action. His unique perspective on business leadership has taken him across the globe; guiding organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Toyota, Vanguard, and Loblaw Inc. to achieve more, faster. His story-filled talks demonstrate how to harness the entrepreneurial mindset that is key to success in the 21st century.

Through powerful keynote speeches and training, Majeed brings an enthusiastic start-up spirit to the corporate world. His actionable leadership solutions pave the way to heightened innovation, creativity and effectiveness in the workplace. As a Consultant for first-time entrepreneurs with Invest Ottawa and the YMCA, Majeed has a unique, up-to-date view of how individuals can influence growth and profitability within a company. With a focus on maximizing strengths, he teaches leaders how to develop a corporate culture that attracts, engages and retains employees who champion the company's long-term vision for success. Majeed's most in-demand speech topics are centered on Networking, Leadership and the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Majeed's passion is to help people find their path and to walk it. Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs have been trained by Majeed, including Olympic gold medalist Nova Peris, and MVP Australian footballer and spokesperson for indigenous rights, Michael Long. He is praised for his natural ability to inspire self-confidence and proactive living. Majeed's work continues to be inspired by youthful ambition. As Coordinator of Invest Ottawa's Summer Company Program, he gets to mentor young entrepreneurs in their first business ventures. Majeed is a strong believer that we can achieve anything we set our minds to and shares this message through his motivational speech “Winning at Life”.

Majeed's co-authored book, “Winning At Life”, is a must-have instructional guide for young people to live a life of passion and make a meaningful impact along the way. Majeed has been a guest expert on various news media, including Canada's national publication The Globe and Mail.

Originally from Illinois, Majeed has made his home in Gatineau, Quebec where he lives with his beautiful wife and young daughter. He continues to quench his thirst for travel through speaking engagements and the occasional family adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

“Majeed inspired me to approach networking with a helpful mindset. It's a new way of looking at these events that has made all the difference. ”

Lana Cooper

Principal / Creative Director

Cooper Productions

“I must say, your networking training really opened my awareness as to how I communicate with others.

After your class I actually walked down the street and walked into different businesses just to practice speaking with people and trying to hold eye contact, which I am terrible at.

I have started residential natural cleaning business and I got three new clients by using the referral formula you taught us. Thank you!”


“I left your networking course feeling very up and went, without an appointment, to meet face to face with a client of mine.

My intent was simply to set up an appointment in the future to discuss further opportunities with the organization.

I walked out within 40 minutes with a cheque (that I was not expecting) and a verbal contract to provide two more Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) sessions for the organization.

I am also using your workbook on a daily basis. Thank you for the knowledge and encouragement.”

Randy Walsh

“Great session! Thank you. By the way, I've finally got an elevator speech after being in the industry for 25 years!”

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